UPM-TTBDO x PITAHC Fundamentals of the Intellectual Property System Webinar

| Written by UPM TTBDO


The University of the Philippines Manila – Technology Transfer and Business Development Office (UPM-TTBDO) raised intellectual property (IP) awareness to Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC) after conducting its Fundamentals of the IP System webinar via Zoom last March 10, 2022.


The program started with a warm welcome from Dr. Anabelle P. de Guzman, Director General of PITAHC. She was followed by Prof. Lourdes Marie S. Tejero, Director of UP Manila TTBDO who discussed the basics of intellectual property and importance of understanding and protecting intellectual property rights especially for an organization like PITAHC. 


The event was attended by a total of 49 participants all of which are doctors and researchers from PITAHC who are expected to reinforce the learnings from the event down to their respective researches. 



The first half of the webinar focused on the basics and overview of the intellectual property system which underscored its benefits and impact to the global innovation society. The program continued to discuss patents, copyright and related rights, and trademarks. The discussion included requirements for protection and specific IP application processes. The office also invited guest speaker, Mr. Dindo Dumali from the Intellectual Property of the Philippines (IPOPHL) who discussed copyright protection.


After the lectures, all participants were awarded with certificates of participation which serves as affirmation that they were able to grasp the basics of intellectual property rights.  


Prof. Lourdes Marie S. Tejero, encouraged the attendees to continuously produce excellent quality research and generously invited everyone to disclose their inventions to the office. She also emphasized that the TTBDO will always welcome all members of the PITAHC community who are in need of IP assistance. (KOChua)