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Below are some general, frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive in TTBDO. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact us at ttbdo@post.upm.edu.ph


What is technology transfer?

Technology transfer is the process of sharing knowledge or technologies developed in UP Manila to different organizations, including industry, academia, non-profits, and government agencies for the purpose of further development, commercialization or public utilization.

I am part of the UP Manila community, why should I get involved with technology transfer?

There are many reasons to transfer technology including benefits for public utilization, assurance that your intellectual property is protected to pursue further research, economic development, foster collaborations among scientists and acquire licensing revenue to support further research.


What Should I Disclose to UPM TTBDO?

Why Should I Disclose? (and Why We Should Protect)?

The disclosure and subsequent protection of intellectual property may: 1) become incentives to further research, ensure accessibility of research output and materials, and increase accountability; and 2) contribute or lead to gaining financial resources for the sustainability of the research activities of the University and its various units as well as of the individual faculty, staff or student involved (UP Diliman CHE, 2016).

How Can I Disclose?



What are UP-owned Trademarks?

As of 2015, aside from the University of the Philippines (UP) Name and Seal, the UP Oblation and similar representations, the following are also registered trademarks registered and owned by the University of the Philippines:

Mark: Unibersidad ng Pilipinas
Registration No.: 4/2014/00011408
Date of Registration: 26 March 2015

Mark: UPCAT – University of the Philippines College Admission Test
Registration No.: 4/2014/00011409
Date of Registration: 26 March 2015

Mark: UP Fighting Maroons
Registration No.: 4/2014/00011410
Date of Registration: 5 March 2015

Mark: UP LAE – University of the Philippine Law Aptitude Exam
Registration No.: 4/2014/00011411
Date of Registration: 26 March 2015

Additional guidelines on the proper use of UP trademarks may be found in the 2007 UP Brand Book issued by the University of the Philippines System Information Office. Check the UP Visual Identity Guidebook for more information.


What happens after protection of my results? (or before commercialization?)

Our BDOs review the invention and its commercial potential, develops a strategy for further development or licensing, and identifies potential companies to commercialize the invention.

How is technology finally transferred/commercialized?

License to use the technology is given to a company or joint ventures and partnerships are set up to share both the risks and rewards of bringing new technologies to market. Other vehicles include forming spin-offs and startups.

What role do inventors play in choosing a licensee?

In order to prevent a conflict of interest, the inventor does not determine who will license a given technology. However, UPM TTBDO welcomes inventor’s identification of potential technology adapters and also consults with inventors in assessing the capabilities of these partners.

How can I be financially rewarded for my involvement in Technology Transfer?

UPM TTBDO shares the returns its technology transfer activities with the inventors involved. More information may be found at the UP IPR Policy 2011 (link to policy page).

I’m an outside party and interested in an invention, who do I contact?

If you are interested to in an invention and would like to explore opportunities partner with UPM TTBDO, you may refer to the Scale to Serve Page and send us an email at ttbdo@post.upm.edu.ph to schedule a meeting

How is a company chosen to be a licensee?

UPM TTBDO chooses a licensee based on a company’s ability to commercialize the technology for the benefit of the general public and other details specified in our Licensee Application Form.

I still have questions not discussed here. What should I do?

Contact us by sending an email to ttbdo@post.upm.edu.ph