Ergonomic Surgical Rongeur

INVENTORS Rafael C. Bundoc, MD Professor College of Medicine University of the Philippines Manila DESCRIPTION The technology is a surgical rongeur intended for spinal endoscopic interlaminar approach. Unlike the classic/traditional equipment used in the surgery that requires a lot of coordinated body-shoulder-elbow-wrist movements, the modiļ¬cations made for the technology is capable of reducing complex body […]

Bot Ensuring Safety and Health in Isolated Environments (MyBESHIE)

A SIBOL-COVID Initiative INVENTORS Dr. Nathaniel S. Orillaza, Jr. Dr. Prospero C. Naval Norman Pardalis Dr. Luis Sison Dr. Roel Ocampo Angelyn Mercado Mark Edward Sampayan Jerix Ignacio Julius Bryan Abesamis Ygi Martija DESCRIPTION MyBESHIE enables a person who is physically present in one location to mimic some of the aspects of being present at […]