Intellectual Property: worth knowing, worth protecting

| Written by Clarisse Marie Sanchez

Discovery and knowledge dissemination are vital components of UP Manila’s mission. From a process or method of new medical procedure, medicinal formulation or healthcare software.. While fostering innovation can be very challenging, it can be mitigated by understanding the system of Intellectual Property.

UP Manila Technology Transfer and Business Development Office (TTBDO) organized a seminar remotely for the College of Allied Medical Professions (CAMP) to raise awareness on the Intellectual Property System. The webinar “Fundamentals on the IP system” was held on February 4, 2021. It provided valuable information about the types of intellectual property protection, its process, searching, filing, and its contribution to the Filipino communities’ development.

In his Inspirational Message, Vice-Chancellor Armando Crisostomo commented on the catchphrase “Seek, Secure, Scale to serve and Sustain” as the essential key results area in Technology Transfer. VC Armand stated that the key elements to sustain technologies are People, Policy, and Partnership. He also encouraged the group to collaborate with government sectors in pursuing innovations to improve the lives and capabilities of the disabled population in our country.

Dr. Maria Eliza Ruiz Aguila, Dean of the College of Allied Medical Professions, saw the webinar as the first step for their team in knowing concrete measures on improving translation and protecting their Intellectual Property. “Let’s embrace the baby steps and hope to make bigger strides soon,” she said.

The topics presented dealt with the “Nature of Patent and Advantages of Patent Protection,” “Nature and Advantages of Copyright Protection,” and “The Nature of Trademark and Advantages of Trademark Protection.” Emphasis was placed on the formal and objective conditions required by Intellectual Property Office in the Philippines. The speakers of the webinar were TTBDO Director Dr. Lourdes Marie Tejero and her team, Technology Transfer Manager, Engr. Kevin Ocampo, and Technology Transfer Officers Engr. Kevin Facun, Engr. Allen Cruz, and Mr. Vicente Ubina.  They successfully achieved the webinar’s purpose of helping participants learn the importance of Intellectual Property and make a significant contribution to the development and improvement of the health of the general public throughout the country.