2022 UPM-TTBDO Intellectual Property Campaigns Recap

| Written by UPM TTBDO

The University of the Philippines Manila – Technology Transfer and Business Development Office (UPM-TTBDO) raised intellectual property (IP) awareness to the different colleges and units of the University of the Philippines Manila by conducting its Fundamentals of the IP System (FIPS) Webinars and Patent Search Lectures (PSL) and Workshops throughout the year of 2022.

UPM-TTBDO conducted a total of 12 IP awareness campaigns and partnered with different UPM colleges and units to make this possible. Some of the colleges and units who partnered with UPM-TTBDO are the College of Public Health, National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions, College of Pharmacy, Physician-Scientist Association, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Department of Anatomy, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, and UP SIBOL.


The FIPS program usually starts with a welcome remark from the OIC Director of UPM-TTBDO, Dr. Bienvenido S. Balotro. The first half of the program is the Introduction and Basics of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property. The second topic is about the Nature of Patent and Advantages of Patent Protection. The next presentation discusses the Nature and Advantages of Trademark Protection and the last is on the Nature and Advantages of Copyright Protection. All the lectures are presented by technology transfer officers and the technology and the intellectual property manager.


For the PSL program, the topics tackled during the seminar covers the Nature and Purposes of Prior Art Search and the Patent Search Report (PSR), Patentability Requirements, Patent Information, Patent Search, Patent Databases, and IPC System. These lectures are followed by a PSR workshop where participants are grouped to conduct a patent search and afterwards report their outputs to everyone.


After the lectures, all of the participants are awarded with certificates of participation which serves as evidence of completion of the course on the basics of intellectual property rights. To end the program, the head of the college or unit is invited to give the closing remark.


For the year 2022, there were a total of 440 participants to the IP System Webinars and Patent Search Lectures and Workshops. Through these activities, the UPM-TTBDO hopes to stimulate disclosure of research outputs and creative works from the different colleges and units in the university. By securing these IPs, we will catalyze technology deployment for the public good while balancing the advancement and sustainability of a culture of innovation in the university.


Written by: Stephen Chelben A. Lim