Yerba Buena Tablet for Pain

| Written by Ma. Cristina Vinas


National Integrated Research Program on Medicinal Plants
Institute of Herbal Medicine
University of the Philippines Manila


Yerba Buena (Mentha cordifolia Opiz) is an aromatic herb also known as mint, spearmint or marshmint found in the Philippines. Its leaves have been used by our ancestors as a tea for headaches, toothaches, arthritis and dysmenorrhea. It contains Menthalactone which has been shown to have analgesic or pain-relieving activity.

Yerba Buena tablets are indicated for the relief of various types of pain including postoperative pain.


  1. Completed Clinical Trials Phase 1-3
  2. Relieves post-operative pain in 30 minutes to 1 hour
  3. Equivalent to Paracetamol but with minimal side effects
  4. Relieves moderate to severe pain due to circumcision, dental extraction, and childbirth


Adequate postoperative control of pain is necessary for the successful management of a patient who underwent surgery. The benefits of effective postoperative pain control include increased patient comfort and satisfaction, early mobilization with less heart and lung complications, as well as decreased risk of blood clots. Also, the patient also has a more rapid recovery with a reduced cost of care.
Yerba Buena is an affordable, herbal medicine to relieve post-operative pain in adolescents and adults. It was developed by Filipino researchers from Filipino plants to boost the Philippine Pharmaceutical Industry, provide new cash crops for farmers and offer Filipinos medical and financial benefits.

Numerous types of surgeries, both major and minor are performed in the Philippines every day. Yerba Buena tablet may also be used for other causes of pain such as sore muscles, toothache and headache. The leading paracetamol brand sold more than Php 1.4 Billion in 2014.


The technology completed clinical trials phases 1-3 and has shown promising results. It is now available for mass production and is ready for the consumption of the public as medicine.


Strong Know-How protected as a trade secret

Utility Patent had been granted


LICENSING with local medicine manufacturers for the mass production and marketing of the final product.