Ergonomic Surgical Rongeur

| Written by Ma. Cristina Vinas


Rafael C. Bundoc, MD
College of Medicine
University of the Philippines Manila


The technology is a surgical rongeur intended for spinal endoscopic interlaminar approach. Unlike the classic/traditional equipment used in the surgery that requires a lot of coordinated body-shoulder-elbow-wrist movements, the modifications made for the technology is capable of reducing complex body movements for an ergonomic grip, wrist, elbow, and shoulder control.


  1. Ease of use unlike the traditional Kerrison Rongeur
  2. Significantly increases comfort of surgeons during operations
  3. Increase in number of surgeries conducted
  4. Translates to better patient care and safety


Surgeries play an important role in healthcare. With the increasing surgery procedures, the direct relation to the need for surgical tools is a potential for the technology to enter the market. The tools used in surgeries show continuous need for improvements. Hence, the introduction of new products. [1] The changing orthopaedic and neurology trends is a positive sign to enter the market with the entry of new products with better technology to limit the associated harm. [2]  A more comfortable surgeons can perform better surgical procedure that translates to patient care and safety.

The Global Surgical Equipment Market was valued at $9,783.8 million dollars in 2016 and is expected to reach $15,737.1 million by 2023 supported by a CAGR of 7.0% during the forecast period 2017 to 2023. [3] There is a high demand of surgery procedures due to various medical conditions which drove the demand for surgical equipment. The introduction of technologies that are intended to upgrade the traditional ones to solve certain problems when it comes to surgeries is one of the key factors contributing to high CAGR. [1]


The technology is in the process of validation through a prototype system. The ESR is expected to be tested in intended environment and deliver close to its expected performance to validate its claim.


Invention patent has been filed in the Philippines. Claims for novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability has been acknowledged by IPOPHL.

International IP Protection through Patent Cooperation Treaty application has been filed.


RESEARCH COLLABORATION for the further development and clinical validation.

EARLY LICENSING with local surgical tool manufacturers for the marketing of the final product after the clinical validations.

LINK TO INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES for the National Phase Entry Protection to countries of interest.

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